An essay on the flappers of the 1920s

It became an integral component of the flapper lifestyle. Most of the women adopted the flapper style though not in entirety; most of them adopted the bobbed hair, short skirts and their burning desire for personal liberty however, the fun habits of drinking and smoking in public were refrained by many, they still adhered to some of the old societal norms that deemed some activities as immoral and therefore avoided in whatever cost, any activities that would be deemed immoral by society at large.

Flappers had a scandalous image that raised many eyebrows and caused much disturbance amongst those in society. So we find a riot of styles in furniture: The flapper even though irked the society in which they lived in, most of them were seen as a bright future since the flappers were more educated, more experienced in the workforce and more importantly they had personal liberty and could vote on major issues that were affecting the women in general.

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They expressed themselves through clothing by wearing bold colors, and revealing clothing. Flappers created an era in which the culture was emphasized solely on pleasure, consumption, sexuality, and individualism.

Log in or register now. Due to the World War I, it dawned on many people that they will not live forever hence a sense for mortality and this too accelerated the flapper age which was mostly all about fun, money and youth. The flapper attitude was characterized by stark truthfulness, fast living, and sexual behavior.

For them it was a more flexible way of meeting and seeing others, without supervision. Electric refrigerators replaced iceboxes, gas ranges replaced woodburning stoves, and electric toasters became popular.

Flappers in the 1920s?

They felt more comfortable in this type of fabric. The flapper s homes tended to the extravagant, exotic, and romantic. The waists of flapper clothes were dropped to the hipline.

They also experienced sexual freedom in the cars, for they often found themselves in the back seat. Before WW1, women staid home, wore generous fancy dresses that covered everything, women were prim and proper etc All the girls that had turned to flapperhood, were only looking for one thing.

Their boldness was seen as dishonor to all women. Any young woman with and innovative dressing style and pompous attitude officially earned the name of being a flapper.

She was a part of the Jazz Age. Bleak truthfulness, fast living, and an outburst of sexual behavior distinguished flapper attitude.

Flappers of the Roaring 20s

Flappers made love freely and redefined what it meant to be a woman. The girls wanted help working out their problems with constructive, sympathetic thinking and acting, but all the parents gave the girls in return were destructive public condemnation and denunciation.

Besides the probation, the s was also the Jazz Age and one of the most popular pastimes for flappers was dancing. Many teenage girls are always told to act like young women, and are given speeches of how in the old days ;everyone was on their best behavior.

Eventually, teenagers got bored and wanted to have fun. Not all the women embraced the flapper age as some resorted to getting married and taking care of their families. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? But the colors were dull blues, greens, and taupe and the walls were usually painted.

This started new courtship patterns in which romance, sexual pleasure, and companionship were the main focus, instead of monetary status and land.

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Flappers of the Roaring 20s

They had matching hats and headpieces along with sparkling, shiny jewelry, and high heels. Since the war distracted many parents from caring for their maturing teens, more and more girls turned to flapperhood.

The Flapper’s of the 1920’s

You could also see the flapper attitude emerging. Some people even wanted to make a law on how short a skirt could actually be because of the fact that flappers wore them so short. In addition, the flappers drove a car, danced to jazz music enjoyed sex openly voted and flirted.

Use of Modern Technologies After the World War, there was advent of new technologies such as the electronic iron, hot water taps and such like appliances. So, women rebelled against their men and society. Some women did not see it fit to drink and smoke like the men did and instead resorted to staying indoors.

She was giddy and took risks.Essay about How to Be a Flapper. How To Be A Flapper center Know what a Flapper girl is.

The dictionary defines a flapper as - "A young woman, especially one in the s, who showed disdain for conventional dress and behaviour.". Flappers Of The S Term paper While the free essays can give you inspiration for writing, they cannot be used 'as is' because they will not meet your assignment's requirements.

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Flappers Of The 1920 S Term paper

She is the ’s flapper. Whilst performing research on women’s fashion in the ’ s, I became well acquainted with the “modern woman” of the day, the flapper. My fascination and admiration of this fierce new breed of woman only grew stronger the more I poured over books, web articles and photos.

Arguably, the flappers of the s were kind of a beginning of another change in the life of women. There was a surplus of women in Britain; this was caused by the loss of many men to the war. In this era women was done with their old way of lifestyle. Flappers and Mothers: New Women in the s Essay Words | 6 Pages Flappers and Mothers: New Women in the s Frederick Lewis Allen, in his famous chronicle of the s Only Yesterday, contended that women’s “growing independence” had accelerated a “revolution in manners and morals” in American society (95).

Arguably, the flappers of the s were kind of a beginning of another change in the life of women. There was a surplus of women in Britain; this was caused by the loss of many men to the war.

In this era women was done with their old way of lifestyle.

An essay on the flappers of the 1920s
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